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I absolutely adore christmas time, and  I also adore other this is my seasonal greetings page, where I wish everyone a happy holiday, no matter what holiday it is...

Heya! This is Nina here, with a New Topic, even though last time, it was somewhat disappointing (there entries) The Winner of Last time's Contest went by the name of Nuala Sutton. The story appears below. Now, after the next story, which I hope will turn out better then the christmas one, has a slightly different context to it. I'm going to supply the words to the beginning of a sentence, and you finish the story, at least 300 words. (300 words isn't that much, and it can be much longer, if you like) the beginning sentece is:
As I fished through the remains of last night's chinese food, I realized something...

Click to send the story!

                                             By Nuala Sutton
It was late late December with thoughts of Christmas in everyone's head, yet Millowbrook School was still in their term. It was the last day and the perfect Christmas picture with snow falling outside and the yummy smell of eggnog and mince pies making everyone hungry. Piper loved Christmas. And she had even come in for the last day to see her mates one last time before the event. It was nine and they all sat in their homerooms chatting about Christmas. Then Mrs Phelps came in, the beeyatch with a moustache.
"Shut up! And get out your pens and books. You all have to write a story and you have half an hour to do it. Anyone who writes less then 100,000 words will stay for three hours after school tonight!" The class groaned but all started to write. Piper was good at writing stories, a rare gift she got from her mother's side, her mom was a successful author afterall. She put her pen to paper and started to write.
 It wasn't easy for some with Mrs Phelps thundering along the aisles grunting heavily and peering through her magenta coloured glasses at people's work in progress. The half hour passed quickly, Mrs Phelps collected in the books and set her class out for break.
"That was hard, I know I'm going to fail!" Maggie Stetson said hopelessly.
"I only wrote about ten words." Fiona Andrews wailed. Piper looked at her friends. "And what did you do, Piper Evans?" Fiona asked.
"I finished mine, nine pages about a girl who gets rid of Christmas and gets abducted by aliens." Piper told them proudly. Fiona and Maggie huffed.
"Super boff!" Maggie frowned and they walked off leaving Piper alone. Piper got angry she muttered under her breath and walked back across the chilly playground and almost got hit in the head with the ball the boys were kicking about.
"Hey watch it!" Piper shouted at them. She went back indoors, although it was forbidden at break and hid in the cloakrooms. Soon, the bell for next lesson rang and the pupils wnet right past Piper to get to their classrooms. Nobody noticed and she wondered why she hadn't done it before. Piper was still angry at Fiona and Maggie and decided to stay where she was. "I wondered what they'd do if it happened." Piper wondered out loud. There was a crash and boom and the snow stopped alling. The smell of mince pies vanished and christmas cards in people's bags disappeared. Piper bit her lip and ran all the way home.
Fiona and Maggie sat in class busily writing the essay they had been set last week for History. Mr Thomas wondered about, drinking his Irish Coffee and stopped occasionally to make more. At the end of history he shouted.
"Okay guys, I want you to finish it off for next week. The 25th and no excuses." The class groaned yet again and gathered their stuff before departing for Music. They had an unevental Music lesson as usual for the first forty minutes but then everything went dark.
"What's happening miss?" Fiona screeched.
"Is it one of them solar eclipses?" A boy called Jason shouted.
"No, there wont be another one for six years!" A smart boy called Kyle remarked. The teacher, Miss Dustin was hiding under her desk, she was a bit of a wimp and wore very high heels because she was only four foot nine high. Flashing lights appeared and then two aliens materialised in the classroom. Everyone screamed.
"Hush earthlings! We come to tell you that your bad behaviour has caused Christmas to evaporate." One of the aliens boomed.
"Christmas, what's Christmas?" Maggie asked confusedly.
"Christmas was a time of love and peace but your stupidity and insolence has made it to go from your planet forever." The other alien, the one with tentacles, explained.
"We've done nothing wrong." Kyle cried.
"No but two of your classmates have." Tentacle alien declared.
"Who who?" The class called. The aliens glanced at each other with thier boggly eyes and nodded.
"Fiona and Maggie." The one without tentacles announced. The class looked shocked and backed off from Maggie and Fiona, Jason and some others joined Miss Dustin under the desks.
"What have we done then?" Fiona wondered wisely.
"You have hurt our Queen Piper." Tentacle alien said.
"With your stupidity and insolence." No tentacle alien added.
"And so the joy of December will diminish because of that stupidity." Tentacle alien foretold.
"Unless you apologise." No tentacle alien interrupted. And Piper entered the classroom, she looked a bit different though. She hadn't had long purple tentacles and yellow skin before, oh and she only had two eyes not six million.
"We're sorry!" Fiona and Maggie begged desperately. Piper looked at them with all her eyes.
"You have been forgiven." She said in a very deep voice, like Barry White's, and laid a hand on their shoulders. They turned into Christmas elves and Christmas returned. Piper and her alien buddies disappeared and everything went back to normal apart from the two elves hopping about.
Piper finished writing with five minutes to spare. Mrs Phelps collected her paper and Piper looked at Fiona and Maggie who were struggling to finish in time. She smiled at the thought of them hopping about as Christmas elves. God, she loved story writing. The bell rang and everyone went out to break.
"That was hard, I'm going to fail!" Maggie said hopelessly.
"I only wrote about ten words." Fiona wailed...