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The True Elijah
Hey! I'm Insane!

Thisngs Elijah Wood has said, which I believe shows his true personality, and how he views himself, and others.

Web Chat: things said:

AMovieFan1: What do you feel your relationship with your fans is? Are you sometimes frightened by the popularity and attention you are getting?

Guest EJW: AMovie, I feel uncomfortable when I'm treated like I'm better than others, because I'm not. And everybody has to have some fear these days.

MelEli: ok! Lij, do you get mad when an over obsessed fan comes up to you and annoys you?!

Guest EJW: MelEli, I don't get mad...because I know they want to meet me and I understand their feelings. It makes me feel good to make them happy.

Elijah4648: How do you deal with criticism/ bad reviews of your work or movies you're in?

Guest EJW: Elijah4648, I don't let criticism get me down. I just do my best

Guest EJW: OK everyone....should I do Flipper?

DanIbs: How is the script ?

Guest EJW: The script is average.

Guest EJW: Those who say no...why?

Yeti667: Free Willy again...

Guest EJW: I think it could be good.

Guest EJW: Besides, I want to play with the dolphins : )

Guest EJW: You never know, when you read a script, how it's going to turn out.

Rae1928: Oh Yes! Okie dokie...what's the weirdest thing you've done?! : )

Guest EJW: Rae, I don't know...I jumped in the pool with my clothes on once. I talk in a funny voice a lot.

MarkNucera: Elijah, have you thought of by-passing college, I mean ever?

Guest EJW: Mark, I have never thought of ever by-passing college

Elijah4648: Elijah, do you collect anything?

Guest EJW: Elijah4648, yes...I collect Star Wars action figures and memorabilia. And i'm a Batman fan.

AMovieFan1: ELIJAH: Here's an easy one.. what's your favorite movie, and why?

Guest EJW: AMovie, Star Wars trilogy are my favorite.

AMovieFan1: (Sorry couldn't think of anything else - forgot my question!)

Rae1928: Movie FAn: That's a cute question! : )

Guest EJW: laughing

BRADPITT31: Elijah have you ever been to Disneyland?

Guest EJW: BradPitt31, I've been to Disneyland quite a few times. I like it a lot

Interview Stuff:

Q. What's your favorite subject in school?
A. My favorite subject in school would probably be English or History. It's interesting to learn about History because you learn about things that were sort of unexplained. Since most of history is unexplained and it's not 100% fact, it's interesting to learn about it. I like English because I'd like to be a good writer and I love to read.

Q. What would you like to be in the future?
A. Well, I definitely want to be something that's in the movie business. Whether it's writing or directing or producing. I believe that actors can make very good directors because they understand (the actors) point of view. So I definitely want to try out directing.

Q. What is your favorite Beatles Song?
A. "I am the Walrus" is one of my favorite songs

Q. Since you get tutored at home, do you have a lot of friends like we have, since we go to a school?
A. No. The only way I can really meet friends is probably on movies. Because there is usually kids working on the movies I do. I'm usually not home, so that sort of stops me from meeting people at home. The only downside is that the friends that I meet on films usually don't live close to me. so I can't keep a solid relationship with any of my friends. But I've got some friends that live in California.

Q. Do you have any strange habits like cracking your toes or biting your finger nails? If so, what are they?
A. Yes, I bite my finger nails. That's probably a bad habit, yeah.

Q. What is your idea of having fun?
A. Well, I like to do many things, so I would be doing a variety of things as fun. I like physical sports, that's fun. I enjoy playing strategy games with my family, I think that's fun. Spending time with my friends and family members is fun.

THR: Is it tougher getting roles as a teenager than it was as a child?

Wood: Definitely. Once you pass age 12, there aren't as many quality roles available. Since I've gotten older, it's been harder to see good scripts.

THR: What do you think it takes to prolong a child or teen actor's career?

Wood: Keep it fresh. Show the ability to do different types of roles rather than limiting yourself to the same role. If you want to continue acting, you have to grow as an actor and as a person. Growing as an actor means trying different types of roles and doing more challenging things. That keeps your career fresh. Not many children have moved into adult acting -- although some worked young and picked it up later.

THR: Which adult actors have taught you worthwhile lessons about acting?

Wood: I've worked with a lot of impressive actors, and I learn subconciously from watching them. I recently worked with Kevin Kline on "Ice Storm." He's an amazing actor who has a very different style. He's very funny, and he is very free playing his roles. I like that style, although it's not for me. I was also very impressed with Mel Gibson. He's so real, so down to earth, and he becomes the character completely. He told me something I use in everyday life: "No matter how hard you work or how well you do, you can always do better."