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Hey! I'm Insane!
The Biography


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The (condenced)Biography of Elijah Wood, and the ten reasons Why I am in love with him, even though I haven't actually met the guy...

Elijah Jordan Wood was born on Jan 28th 1981, in Cedar Rapids Iowa, to Warren and Deborah Wood, who are now divorced. His hair is Brown, and his eyes are an amazing shade of blue. He has a Brother (Zachary) who is seven years older then him, and a sister (Hannah) that is two years younger then he is. He also has a tattoo of the elvish # 9, on his torso.


1) Neither of us are single any more, so that leaves no first reason, so, both of our brains have electrical impulses in them.

2)One of his nicknames is Monkey, and I have been called a monkey so many times in my life, it's almost my real name.

3)I consulted the Love Compatability tester, and we have a high compatability. (proven! Haha!)

4) He is 168 CM tall, and I am 159. Quite close in height, I see...

5) His hobbies include reading, collection Star Wars Memorabilia, and Singing. Those are about the only things I do, besides fantasize about him, and karate.

6) His best subjects are English and HIstory. Proving once again that we are in fact destined, for those are my two best subjects.

7) Favorite food-> Homemade patato salad
The only food I know how to make-> Patato Salad and Cookies.

8)Elijah Hates Country and Heavy Metal. What do you know, so Do I. He likes the beatles. This isn't much, because everybody likes the beatles...

9) He's supposed to wear glasses, but he doesn't all the time, As do I.

10) The final reason, He is really, really, really cute. Ok, I'll admit i'm not the cutest in the world, but I love to dream, and it's a free country, right?

Diclaimer # 2: THIS IS A JOKE! I AM JUST KIDDING! I AM NOT A PSYCHO STALKER! SHUT UP JULIA, I'M NOT! believe me, i swear, it's just a joke.