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Hey! I'm Insane!

This is a site that proves my insanity...


I in no way own Elijah Wood, though the thought is to be pondered. I don't know Elijah Wood, I am not privey to his personal, and aptly so, Private life. I don't stalk his house, I don't go on underwear raids at his house, I don't know the license plate numbers on his car. I do not hang out with Elijah wood, I cannot pass along little messages to him. I am in no way affiliated with his films, commercials or press things. Do not assume that I have the magical ability to introduce you with him. Now that that is out of the way, Have fun on my site.
Love and Kisses!
Nina Marshall

Hey All! Hey all. My name is Nina, and I am insane. People don't know this, only a few do. I may be a writer on Elfwood, and get excellent marks in school, But I am still shoved into the pits of insanity, because of two words. Elijah Wood. Yes, I can admit it, I won't deny the fact. It's completely superficial, and there is no way in hell that I'll ever meet him, but I'm not sure it's normal for two best friends to rename a guy they've never met "Sexy MacHotten". I'm not joking, we have. An enlarged picture of him is on my ceiling, I ripped it out of my sister's Cosmo Girl Magazine. Am I insane, do others share my insanity? PLease tell me, does anybody else rename Elijah Wood Sexy MacHotten? So, It's true, I am insane.

Whattup DawgIn website news, It's March, and we all know what that means! St. Paddy's Day! Also, it's my sister Kris's Bday on the 17th as well.  I also added some links to some really great comics I read on a regular basis. That is about it. I hope to get back into updating the site regularly. I've been slacking off, and I am sorry. I will be designing a new banner soon, one that's a good size, lol.
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HeartsIf you wish to leave me a private comment, please do so in the guestbook, under private, I check them every once in a while, and attempt to reply to a few, but if I don't reply, it's not cause I hate you. Time contraints, you know.  Also if, you want a public message, my guestbook is always open as well. Guest Books are for the people. I might set up a message board instead soon, we shall see! I will fix all the problems in time, ok? Hearts


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