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Hey! I'm Insane!


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About Moi

I guess I should Probably let you in on the secret that Is me...

First Of All, My name is Nina

Well, Actually, It's Nina Dani Marshall, or the lonely little girl who lives on a farm in Canada. I'm adopted, and no one really knows my birthday. It's been narrowed down to two days, June 27th or 29th. This is probably my most unique feature. I'm not too tall, not too short. Not too thin, not too fat. My hair isn't that long, but it's not extremely short. My eyes are pretty interesting. They are brown, with a ring of blue around the edges. I have eyebrows that are quite a bit darker then my hair, which sucks, because people think I dye my hair. Then again, who dies their hair muddy brown that looks like someone had a small nosebleed in? Anyway, I have an average shoe size (7.5- 8.5, depending on the brand) I prefer hockey skates to figure skates. My hobbies include Reading, Writing, Collecting Star Wars and other fantasy books and memorabilia. My favorite shows are Dark Angel and Roswell. My three best friends are Julia Ann, Olive and Strawberry (he's a guy, it's a nick name) I have a crappy slow computer, and a printer that only prints colour half the time. I am in high school, and get decent marks in all subjects, but I excell in English, History/Social Studies(taught as one course) I can speak French and English fluently, and am trying to learn Spanish. I have a dog named Max, and want a kitten. I have seven sisters and Three brothers. Only two parents. I also am an Elfwood writer. That's about it. I only have a few dreams. One is to start my own film company, and make independant films, and the other is to write at least two novels, one killer fantasy novel, and one collaboration novel with my best friend Julia Ann. It's a simple life, I guess, the normal, average life.

If you need to know more, visit my personal site.

this is me...

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