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Films that Elijah Wood has appeared in throughout his young life..

Title: Back to the Future II
Date Released: November 22, 1989
Who doesn't like the Back to the Future trilogy?

Title: Internal Affairs
Date Released: January 12, 1990

Title: Avalon
Date Released: October 5, 1990

Title: Paradise
Date Released: September 18, 1991

Title: Radio Flyer
Date Released: February 21, 1992

Title: Forever Young
Date Released: December 16, 1992

Title: The Adventures of Huck Finn
Date Released: April 2, 1993

Title: The Good Son
Date Released: September 24, 1993

Title: North
Date Released: July 22, 1994

Title: The War
Date Released: November 4, 1994

Title: Flipper
Date Released: May 17, 1996

Title: The Ice Storm
Date Released: September 27, 1997

Title: Deep Impact
Date Released: May 8, 1998
Okay, for a semi cheesy Armageddon ripoff
Title: The Bumble Bee Flies Anyway
Date Released: Unknown.
This movie was really, really, really good. I completely recommend it

Title: The Faculty
Date Released: Unknown

Title: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings
Date Released: December 17 2001
In awe of this film

Title: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Date Released: Sometime in December, 2002
Even more in awe of this film then the last one

Here, buy a copy of the movie, and help me out a bit. YOu don't have to, but if you do, I'll be real happy.

Radio Flyer

The Faculty

Deep Impact


The Adventures of Huck Finn